100DaysofCloudArchitecture Challenge

What is Cloud Architecture? And why is important?

According to Google Cloud:

Cloud architecture refers to how various cloud technology components, such as hardware, virtual resources, software capabilities, and virtual network systems interact and connect to create cloud computing environments. It acts as a blueprint that defines the best way to strategically combine resources to build a cloud environment for a specific business need. 


Good cloud architecture is a cornerstone to unlocking the true value of cloud computing.

By following cloud architecture principles and best practices, companies can ensure that they get real business value from their cloud endeavors and future-proof their IT environment. 

Given the variety of services and components within a cloud architecture, the role of a Cloud Architect has become key to helping companies get this value.

A cloud architect helps companies align cloud initiatives to business goals, navigate the complexities of cloud environments, implement successful adoption and migration strategies, and keep cloud solutions running smoothly. 

What is this challenge about?

Although I’m certified as a Google Cloud Cloud Professional Architect, I know that designing sound cloud architectures goes beyond knowing one specific cloud provider or having multiple cloud certifications.

As a Cloud Architect, you should not only know cloud technologies but enterprise architecture with a vendor-independent approach. You should also possess pre-sales, leadership, stakeholder engagement, relationship-building, communication, presentation, and writing skills.

Inspired by Michelle Poller’s #100dayswithoutfear challenge, I created this #100daysofcloudsarchitecture challenge as a way to structure my learning and development as a Cloud Architect and Consultant.

My first goal with this challenge is to strengthen my skills in:

  1. Enterprise and Cloud Architecture, with an emphasis on Networking and Security.
  2. Pre-sales, business analysis, stakeholder engagement, communication, presentation, and writing skills.

My second goal is to build long-term habits that will set me up for success as I relaunch my career.

What about this goal sparked my interest?

When working as a Technology Consultant for HPE, designing and delivering Networking and IT solutions, I encountered numerous challenges that made my job and my team’s job harder. Some of them originated during the pre-sales stage due to poor designs, hidden requirements, or gaps in the proposals.

Now that I’m in the process of relaunching my career in the Cloud Industry, I’ve learned that cloud projects are not different.

I want to contribute along the customer’s “cloud journey” to make life easier for both clients and implementation teams by designing sound cloud architectures and becoming a trusted advisor.

How am I going to do it?

Right now, I don’t have a full-time job. My daily responsibilities revolve around my family and relaunching my career.

Fortunately, for the next three months (June-August 2023) I’ll have extra support at home. I’m planning on investing six hours a day in this challenge, except for weekends.

My plan is as follows:

  • Study (online courses) between three and four hours a day.
  • Do one hands-on lab workshop per week. 
  • Analyze one Case Study per week.
  • Read one Chapter of the “Solutions Architect Handbook” every two days.
  • Listen to a Podcast related to Cloud Architecture or Pre-Sales daily.
  • Read one article related to Cloud Computing or Pre-Sales daily.
  • Write one article a week with a summary of the most important things I learned.
  • Connect with other peers, ask for advice, incorporate feedback into my learning process, and keep building professional relationships.

Which Resources will I use?

I’m planning to use a mix of resources. From online courses on LinkedIn Learning and Udemy to books, podcasts, and online articles and videos.

As a starting point, I created a syllabus and list of resources, as well as my learning plan for the first 25 days.

I’ll be documenting the topics I study, the resources I use, as well as some reflections and lessons learned along the way. 

I hope this challenge inspires you to learn more about cloud architecture.

If you are interested in joining me on this challenge, drop me a line!

Let’s keep learning and keep growing!

Progress Reports