Syllabus & Resources

As a starting point for my #100daysofCloudArchitecture challenge, I created this syllabus with the topics I plan to cover throughout the challenge and some key resources that I’ve identified.

I outlined my learning plan for the first 25 days. I will do a checkpoint afterward to evaluate my progress and plan the next 25 days.

Technical Skills

Networking Refresh (Day 1 to Day 5)

LinkedIn Learning Courses:

Cybersecurity (Day 6 to Day 10)

LinkedIn Learning Courses:

ISC2 :

IT Enterprise Architecture (Day 11)

Cloud Architecture (Day 12 to Day 25)

LinkedIn Learning Courses:

Hybrid and Multicloud

Functional and Business Competencies

Pre-Sales skills

LinkedIn Learning Courses:

  • Technical Sales: The role of the Sales Engineer (51 minutes)
  • Solution Sales (55 minutes)
  • Essentials for Solutions Engineers (40 minutes)

Proof of Concept and Prototype

  • TBD

Presentation & Facilitation

LinkedIn Learning Courses:

  • Mastering presentation for Non-Native English Speakers (52 minutes)
  • Presenting Technical Information with Stories (30 minutes)
  • Create and Deliver Engaging Presentations (8 Hours 45 minutes)


LinkedIn Learning Courses:

  • 20 Habits of Executive Leadership (1 Hour 4 minutes)
  • Inspirational Leadership Skills (3 Hours)
  • Establishing your Leadership Brand (40 minutes)
  • Leadership Foundations Styles and Models (45 minutes)
  • Master your Leadership Effectiveness skills (5 Hours 26 minutes)


LinkedIn Learning Courses:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (45 minutes)
  • Being an effective Team Member (30 minutes)
  • Leading and working in Teams (25 minutes)
  • Design Thinking: Putting the Customer First  (27 minutes)
  • Learning Design Thinking: Leading Change in your Organization (2 Hours)
  • Facilitating Remote Design Thinking (1 Hour 22 minutes)

Business Analysis

LinkedIn Learning Courses:

  • What is Business Analysis (21 minutes)
  • Business Analysis Foundations: Strategy Analysis (1 Hour 18 minutes)
  • Business Analysis Techniques for Business Transformation (41 minutes)
  • Business Analysis Foundations: Competencies (1 Hour 26 minutes)

Additional Resources

CSP – Cloud Architecture Frameworks

Google Cloud

What is Cloud Architecture?

Google Cloud Architecture Framework


AWS Well-Architected Framework

AWS Architecture Center – Cloud Foundations

AWS Architecture Center – This is My Architecture


Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework

Azure Architecture Center


Oracle Architecture Center